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Curbside Bingo at Superior Shores Gaming Association Thunder Bay

Playing bingo is more than a game, it has several health benefits and increases socialization in the community which is especially important for seniors. Playing bingo requires concentration and listening which boosts one's cognitive ability.

Bingo plays a very crucial role in mental stimulation and lowers the risk of dementia.

Where to play Bingo in Thunder Bay?

Superior Shores Bingo is BACK!! Beginning July 6, kicking off CURBSIDE BINGO! All the bingo excitement you love - NOW FROM THE COMFORT OF HOME!!

Drive up and buy your Bingo cards curbside at Superior Shores one week prior to each game, and up to 2 pm game day. Bingo starts at 6:30 pm. Card sales are cash only and available until sold out. Get yours early!

Why Superior Shores Gaming?

As a Charity Gaming Centre, Superior Shores Gaming Association supports 76 charities throughout Thunder Bay. That means that every time you play a game, have a beverage at Superior Shores Gaming licensed lounge, or order a snack or meal from a restaurant menu, you're helping these charitable organizations do great work in our community. These cover a wide variety of important causes such as healthcare, education, children's needs, reducing poverty, and community projects, right here in Thunder Bay.

A portion also goes to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), a provincial agency, which supports priorities such as healthcare and sports across Ontario including Thunder Bay.


No More Negative Stigma around Thrift Shopping!

Community Clothing Assistance isn’t just a charitable organization our clothing center is open to the public to!  So for all the people who still think thrift shopping isn’t cool… you’ve got it all wrong!

Yes, there used to be a negative stigma around second-hand clothing, that it’s degrading and dirty feeling like Someone is wearing someone else’s “trash”, something that they have thrown away. It’s all assumption because those who think that way have probably never tried it. I suggest that everyone should try thrift shopping every once in a while or just walk into a thrift store and see what you find! The Stigma about buying clothing second-hand is not as prominent anymore. That was then and this is now.

It’s called “Thrifting” and people absolutely love it! Thrifting is actually something that’s trendy. It’s a hobby, a passion, or just fun to do. You can find all kinds of things in Thrift stores. In our store I’ve found an Armani jacket even lulu lemon Athletic wear for super cheap and it’s all in good condition. You see there is a misconception here that thrift store clothing is dirty and it’s out of date, but that’s not it at all.

Vintage is actually still a trend and it’s a fast growing trend. The clothing that gets donated may not be that persons style anymore, but it could be someone else’s style to mix and match with other cool finds that are always found while thrift shopping. There’s something about digging through all the clothes and seeing what other styles people were into and what you can make out of it that’s really cool.

At Community Clothing Assistance the clothes are in great condition and I was able to find some great outfits and pieces. A great leather jacket, and a pair of great jeans for casual wear with super cute heeled boots! For a more night time or more professional look a printed Will Smith Skirt & Nygard blouse with leather boots that were basically brand new! I could honestly go on about all the great things I’ve found while shopping around. My point being no style is out of date fashion is constantly reinventing itself, but even more so recycling old trends and making them new and that’s vintage!

Vintage is in, the fashion industry has been recycling “out dated” fashions for a while now. Fanny packs are even in, shoulder padding, bell bottoms, loafers, and vintage accessories are all on trend. Recently Vogue magazine did a year in review in 2020 that vintage, second hand, and up cycling is the trend.

Tips for Dressing Up for Only $20.00!

It’s no secret that thrift shopping is no longer looked at negatively, it’s definitely on trend. You can find designer clothing, expensive brands for more than half the price and that’s the rewarding part. Shopping at a thrift store is definitely the way to go when looking to get dressed for 20.00 or less, but to get the best deal you’ll have to shop at Community Clothing Assistance. Adult Bag Day is a sale that goes on and you basically fill a bag up of clothes and its only $20.00! It’s a great deal, but just wait there’s one more surprise…You can pack up to 30 pieces in your bag! So now it’s not just a few outfits you get a several outfits! Here are some tips to get the most out of your adult bag day.

First thing to think about is the styles. What do you need to dress for? Is there an occasion? Do you need athletic wear? Or just casual day to day? These are questions that you need to think about and will make your shopping experience fun and less overwhelming. Second tip, once you have decided the styles you are looking for move on to the actual pieces, shirts, shorts, leggings, dress pants, dresses… pick the pieces you need to go with each style.
For example, for professional wear you’d maybe go with a pair of dress pants and a nice blouse, a cardigan or blazer. For causal you’d possibly pick jeans, and a shirt and a leather jacket. For Athletic you’d get a pair of leggings tank top, fitted athletic sweater. Try and still think of every piece as their own not as part of an outfit because it will make tip 3 easier!

The 3rd tip is mix and match to change it up easily go from a set of outfits to a variety of outfits. You need to look at every piece as their own like I mentioned earlier, so whatever you had a piece originally paired with could you imagine it being paired with another one of your pieces as well? For the 4th tip… let’s talk shoes! A shoe can be the deciding factor if an outfit is dressed up or dressed down. You can pair heels with an outfit to give it a more dressed up look or choose a flat to make it more casual. You can pair your jeans (casual) with a t shirt (casual) with a blazer (professional) and heels for a more dressed up look, or pair it with flats or even a tennis shoe to make it casual. The key to dressing for less is knowing what you have in front of you. You can mix and match the same clothes to create different outfits. You can pair a plain white t shirt with dress pants or jeans and there’s 2 different looks.
Lastly Accessories! For the 5th tip. Vintage accessories are in trend, the bigger the piece the better it’s called a “statement piece” it will draw all the attention from the fact you may be wearing a shirt twice in a row. Dressing up and outfit with accessories can have the illusion of it being something new!

Thrifiting is the way to go with if you want to buy more for less. The best place to shop to get more for you money on adult bag day at Community Clothing Assistance. I’ve found and put together some great outfit’s there and I’m positive that you will to! Come by and check it out!

3 reasons to donate your clothing and other items to charity

Donating is the ultimate way to sustain old clothing and other items to people who cannot afford it due to various financial or other issues. The primary reason for people to lack clothing is poverty which is increasing at a significant pace in Thunder Bay. According to the Lakehead Social Planning Council report on local poverty in Thunder Bay states that “40% of females and 60% of males are living below low-income measure (LIM), among which 28% are youth 39% are the people from the age group between 30-49 years, followed by 33% of senior citizens. Furthermore, 52% of those are Indigenous population.” This shows that there is a high need for clothing and other items in our community.

Charities help in reducing certain needs of people in our community which includes food, clothing, and shelter. Here are 3 reasons for you to donate to charity;

  • The value of giving: Your small donations have a huge impact on individuals and families. For example. Imagine a homeless person suffering with cold in winters and getting a winter jacket for free. According to data from Tbnewswatch, Thunder Bay counselling says, more than 9,200 children are living in low-income households. Your clothing or monetary donations can have a major impact on these families and change their lives forever.

  • An opportunity to make our city safer: In order to have a safe neighborhood it is important to take an initiative for the ones who are already suffering with poverty. People in poverty tend to commit crime often for satisfying their basic needs and if those needs are satisfied they are no longer a threat to the community.

  • Tax Credit: If you donate to a registered charity in Thunder Bay you can receive a tax receipt which can be used as a tax credit for your annual tax return.

Community Clothing Assistance (CCA) ranks on top among all the charities when it comes to serving people with clothing in Thunder Bay. CCA’s goal is to reduce poverty with the operation of Clothes Bank. Currently CCA helps people with FREE clothing and other essential items by referrals from over 150 organizations and with these referrals people receive 32 piece of clothing every 3 months. CCA helps more than 2000 individuals with clothing every year. Donations have a major impact in the operation of CCA and support local clients in need. A special thanks to all who have supported and we invite everyone to help the community fight against poverty. For monetary donations please visit: Donation Page

Poverty in Thunder Bay

Poverty is defined as a condition of being extremely poor. People living below certain amount or no income are usually the ones suffering in poverty. According to Lakehead Social Planning Council (LSPC), “Poverty can be divided in two groups, Absolute and Relative Poverty. People living in absolute poverty are the ones who are unable to fulfill basic resources such as, safe housing, clean water, healthy/nutritious food, supports and health care for maintaining physical and mental health, this group of poverty can be eradicated. Relative poverty consists of people who are unable to meet the required standards of life determined by a government.”

What causes poverty? There are several factors that lead to poverty in our community, which includes; people in crisis, living at low budget, unexpected job loss, disaster, fire, flooding, accidents, limited education, addiction, anger management issues, and mental illness.

How can someone help reduce poverty in our community? In order to reduce poverty, people need to understand that poverty exists and anyone can be the victim of poverty and everyone can play a great role in reducing poverty in our community. A small donation of used items such as; clothes, shoes, sweaters, winter jackets, household items, or monetary donations for non-profit organizations can play a major role in reducing poverty and fulfilling basic needs of those who are not fortunate enough to afford it.

How Community Clothing Assistance is helping? Community Clothing Assistance is a not-for-charity that provides clothing assistance for those in need through a variety of program. Community Clothing Assistance’s mission is to assist in the relief of poverty among families and people in crisis with an emphasis on community supported clothing assistance programs.

Why Volunteer? - Community Clothing Assistance

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, become optimistic, meet new people, find passion, and most importantly giving your time to build our community stronger. Volunteers help charity and non-profit organizations achieve their goals of providing essential service/help to our community.

3 main reasons to volunteer for personal growth are;

Charities help in reducing certain needs of people in our community which includes food, clothing, and shelter. Here are 3 reasons for you to donate to charity;

  • Self-confidence:Volunteering boosts self-confidence and provides real-life experience giving them an opportunity to get rid of their public fear, communication issues and discover their true talent and find where they can fit in an organization. In short, volunteering can be the first step towards building a bright and passionate future.

  • Your true value: Volunteering means teamwork and in teamwork, every person gets equal responsibilities and tasks, the end result consists of everyone’s hard work and input. Volunteering makes participants learn professional and responsible habits and makes them understand their self-worth.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: By volunteering, participants meet new people which helps them change their attitudes, reactions and makes them optimistic about the future.

Back To School Special, 25% Off on kids clothing from 12th August to 14th August 2021

Coming back to school is a happy moment for kids and expensive for those parents who are struggling financially as demand for clothing and other school essentials increases, Community Clothing Assistance offers products for kids and Back To School Specials at 25% OFF on Kids Clothing from 12th August, 2021 to 31st August, 2021.

Community Clothing Assistance offersChildren's Bag Days on every Wednesday, which allows customers to fill a bag full of clothing at $15 for 1 bag and $25 for 2, up to 30 pieces of clothing per bag.

Community Clothing Assistance understands the need for essential school supplies for kids, thus the prices are lowest than any other thrift store so that kids can learn and grow with self-confidence.

Here are some of the items exclusively available as low as $1 and up; clothing, footwear, sports items, toys, lunch boxes, water bottles, books and all the essential school supplies. The products are slightly used which look astonishingly new which and new clothing are often ofered at a 90% sale.

Visit Community Clothing Assistance at 404 North May Street, Thunder Bay to take full advantage of the services.

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Why child sponsorship is an excellent form of supporting children in need

When starting with just one life, together with the sponsorship we can help those stigma children grow in the best condition we can collectively provide. Stepping up as a sponsor could be your chance to make a heartfelt and genuine difference in the community.

Whether the cost seems too high, you are uncertain if you will be really making a difference, or you are just skeptical of the whole concept, before vetoing the idea, consider the many convincing reasons why child sponsorship is of vital importance in growing communities.

  • You will be helping not only the child but also their families.
    When you sponsor a child through Community Clothing Assistance, families of children in the sponsorship program receive a monthly grocery subsidy.

  • Sponsoring without ever leaving home.
    If you feel the strong desire to make a difference in the community, but lack the time to team up with our charity, child sponsorship is the ideal solution.

  • Children who get sponsored are more likely to get educated and become valuable resource to the society
    A sponsored child gets an opportunity to learn and grow in the same environment as other school going children and build a better future and get out of poverty.

  • Sponsoring a child means a step towards reshaping our community
    Sponsoring changes a child’s life forever and changes the perspective of the person when they see poor families and children around them.

  • Transparency when donating to Community Clothing Assistance
    Every year CCA helps more than 1000 children in Thunder Bay through the Undercover Project and sponsoring a sponsorship program to aid Thunder Bay’s poor children, and our organization would like to ask you to sponsor for one of these children.

  • For further questions see our FAQs for Child Sponsorship or contact us.

Thank you for helping us with the roof funding (the roof is renovated).

Thank you for your great generosity! We, at Community Clothing Assistance, greatly appreciate your help and your sacrifice. Your support helps to further our mission through our several programs.
Your support is invaluable to us, thank you again! 

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